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2019 College Basketball #3 Kansas vs #4 Duke Highlights

2019 College Basketball #8 Kansas vs #4 Duke Highlights

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20 comentarios

  1. Just a reminder all college basketball games will be on my second channel Highlight Nation https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVtVYetM3FvN8h1ovEskbtA

  2. close game all the way through

  3. That announcer be talking mad shit

  4. Stanley is the most athletic on the court

  5. Disrespected Cassius saying his vert it’s 46 he said himself on a good day he’s jumping at least 50

  6. Watching the last 5 minutes of a close college game takes 45 mins. Fouls, foul shots, time outs, commercials, reviews. Ugh!!!

  7. @8:20 down 3 how does he not know to shoot that at the top of the key?

  8. Well Carey is certainly not a rim protector but great offense inside out and versatility

  9. North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky…. the kids are realizing that once the payments stopped they will find other coaches and players to play for… The blue blood days are numbered

  10. my Seton Hall will win the championship…… somebody highlight this comment…… mark my words💯

  11. Sniffin out that backdoor.

  12. Bye Kansas! Congrats Duke 😎🤸‍♀️Great start!

  13. Garbage game. This event shouldn’t be till mid November

  14. Carey Jr gotta be a better rim protector

  15. I actually think it’s one of dukes weaker class

  16. Cassius Stanley is only 20 years old !!!

  17. It’s gonna be Cassius team next year

  18. We're gonna win the National!

  19. We're gonna win the National! Lets go Duke!


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