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sailing lyrics christopher cross

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  1. Let's sail away from 2019

  2. hermosa cancion

  3. Masarap to habang nag roroadtrip ka. Promise ❤️❤️❤️

  4. You can kiss your grandkids later or kiss your ass goodbye over that keel today…I run an honest ship💖💖💖😁🤠

  5. this song always bring peace to any one's heart. trust me i would know, I got my second chance

  6. I've been really depressed the past couple of years, far from family, a few friends, not a lot of money…just an average white guy trying to survive in this crazy world. But this song brings tears of happiness and memories to my heart…hope everyone that reads this is doing well.

  7. I love this song, It's so soothing

  8. who else is here from family guy

  9. This is my dance recital song for ballet, we have to have blue ribbon with it.

  10. Beautiful❤️❤️❤️❤️💕🌹💋A loving heart always connects with the soul of another.😇 Christopher Cross has that ability.Magnetic as he was at one of his concerts,his songs still bring that magical spark.☺️2019

  11. Never throw away a relationship where someone loves you with all there heart and soul. The time you've shared together the smiles the struggles the growing. Never let the temptations of sin ruin a great situation. Each of us have a beautiful song in our soul that will prove a blessing to many!

  12. Safe and peaceful travels

  13. Sailing and cocaine take me away to where im going to

  14. Relaxing song

  15. I will one-day not have to wait for my sailor. Believe and trust me. But if not you can always believe in me. I have faith that I can.help people maybe with a little bit of faith there are no limits to friendship.

  16. Family guy brought me here

  17. A perfect song..thank you CC

  18. I was 13 when I first heard the song and instantly hooked on. 16 years after, i'm still here.


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