Chances are, you played with or against somebody who always wear an ankle or knee brace when playing football/soccer. You might even be that person. But have you ever noticed that pro footballers never play a match wearing any kind of braces? Maybe a little bit of tape, but that’s about it. In today’s video I break down exactly why pros never wear ankle or knee braces.

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  1. Another advantage to taping is that it can be done to protect based on the specific injury. Pros have personal trainers and medical staff who know exactly how much tape to use, what angle to hold the joints at, where to reinforce and where to allow movement. There's no comparison in terms of performance and customization. Tape wins.

    The only disadvantages to tape are prep time (but these guys are in "game mode" all day anyway) and cost (but the team is paying for it).

    I've got footballer's ankle and I have to tape every game, but only a specific set of placements that prevents the foot from bending too far forward to where the impingement is. I've tried braces and they're not only bulky but they don't protect very well based on this exact injury.

  2. Do neymar use ankle tape ?

  3. I play football for my school and i am thinking to purchase ankle brace. So should i buy or not?

  4. Do they tape their healthy ankle or when they are injured ? Do neymar and Ronaldo tape their ankle in every match or when injured ? Please answer should I tape or not my healthy ankle please suggest and do neymar and ronaldo tape in every match?

  5. I have a question. So I’m quite a good player and i am being fouled a lot. We play on astro most games so because of that my knees are bleeding all the time and they don’t have time to heal. I’m thinking of buying a knee sleeves but will that look weird or something. I don’t know haha. Someone help haha

  6. I play basketball I had no choice but to where a brace and your right I was in middle school the opposing players were taking out my knee I had to sit out the rest of the game

  7. Katharina Figueiredo

    Why don't professional soccer players use shin guards with ankle protection? They dont protect against a serious injury but they protect against painful tackles on the ankle. I find that I get tackled, stumped on and fouled more often on the ankle than on the shin.

  8. they dont use braces, but they use compression bandages or tape

  9. I’ll have to wear a knee brace every day, and it really sucks. I’m a 13 year old very active girl soccer player, and i have chondromalacia patella, jumper’s knee and i dislocated my patella 3 weeks ago.
    I’ll have to wear the brace not only at the field, but also at school and when i’m with my friends. I’m at the hospital 2-3 times a week to Physical Therapy, and she told me that i’m maybe on the operating table next year, because i’m too young now. I’m pretty nervous, because she is gonna talk with him next time he comes here (june 17) so i’m gonna get a real knee brace:/ and i maybe need surgery:/

  10. do pro footballers wear cups to protect their groin?

  11. Umtiti wore a knee brace at the World Cup, just a side note, love the videos

  12. I had broke my knee pretty badly and I couldn’t play for 9 months and when I came back i was wearing a small white knee support with a blue and black kit which made it stand out and I felt like I was being targeted physically with more shoulders to try to click it or twist it so I got rid of that as soon as I felt comfortable and it calmed down a bit

  13. If you get to the point where you are wearing a massive ankle or knee brace you shouldn’t be on the pitch at the highest level in the first place

  14. Isn’t K Tape what they use instead?

  15. Some one tell me why there are people in the comments calling josh by other names starting with J.

  16. if you have to wear a brace, you are INJURED

  17. Facts,so intelligence

  18. Personally as someone that's older, if my knees are bothering me, I'll wear kt tape to provide some support. For my ankles, I'll actually use a shin guard stay strap under my socks high on my ankles and I feel that helps.


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