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MLB Baseballs Are Juiced And Here's PROOF

MLB Baseballs Are Juiced And Here’s PROOF


Moonshot: The Baseball Is Juiced (Again)


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  1. so they aren't juiced, just being made with alterations being seems and pill centering etc. but why not just admit that?

  2. everyone loves a good pitchers duel…to an extent

  3. Just like the way we as a species get taller over the generations, healthier and smarter. I believe also strength happens as well. And plus over the years the infrastructure and technology evolves as well.

  4. Aside from the baseballs, the mentality of the game is also changing. Very similar to 3pt shooting in the NBA. Now every hitter is practicing, anticipating, expected to, and capable of hitting the long ball.

  5. Is there a statistic that says how much or how fast a ball is rotating on the exit velocity?.. Speed of the ball and trajectory of the ball are important, but so is the rotation of the ball.

    A guy can mathematically hit a ball with enough speed and with the ideal trajectory, but if the ball doesn't have the proper rotation then it doesn't travel as far. And now that the baseballs are allegedly centered better, their flight patterns will be more exaggerated/extreme.

  6. Why not make the ball glow so non-fans have an easier time seeing it on TV?

  7. This dudes so baked. I love it

  8. Minetwwwotta twins….

  9. Call me a purist but I think Homeruns should be a rarity seeing homeruns should be like seeing a shooting star. BUT, I know the mlb needs to sell tickets. So uhhh🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. Why should we hate juiced balls

  11. I wonder what you meant by deconstructing the ball….all you did was rotate the ball a bunch of times and say things….video filled with detail tho so not as up set but you could stop repeating yourself

  12. My balls are juiced.

  13. Baseball is just being ruined with all the bs they are doing to the sport

  14. Why doesn’t someone just use a bucket of MLB official baseballs (I know there’s people out there who can get them)
    And highschool baseball regulated baseballs and compare them. Take the same hitter, hit 100 balls each, graph each distance hit in feet and see what you find. A lot of work but Ive seen a lot crazier efforts on YouTube before.

  15. Well it's not juiced anymore during the playoffs. MLB wants to make sure the Astros pitchers are catered to.

  16. It's fixed for sure but it goes a lot deeper then the balls! Look up the Zachary K. Hubbard channel!

  17. U look like ur genes tried so hard to be black

  18. The balls need to be measured inside and out. You could also measure how hard the balls are compared to older balls and how much tighter the yarn is wound by measuring the total length of the yarns, or just the weight of each specific yarn variety. I also wonder if the use of maple bats has increased recently and if the harder denser maple has an effect.

  19. Unfair to pitchers


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