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Top 5 Daysailers / Weekender Sailboats 2019 – 2020 ✪ Price & Specs 1

Are you planning to experience the joys of sailing but do not want the complexities of a bigger boat? Are you looking for a small daysailer or weekender sailboat that’s easy for beginners?

This video lists all sorts of sailboats 40 feet and under in length, requiring only one to three sailors to operate. The designs included are traditional, modern, weekenders and trainer models from Swallow Boats, RS Sailing, Beneteau, Corsair and Leonardo Yachts. The prices are listed from the most affordable to the most expensive models from the top sailboat design companies on the market.

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Swallow Boats BayRaider ✪ USD 27,800

Length: 6.05 meters / 19.85 feet
This boat is ideal for families or individuals looking for something stable and safe (ballast tank full) or light and fast (tank empty). She really is two boats for the price of one! The BayRaider is extremely versatile. She is not just a tough, fast Raid boat, the water ballast makes her suitable for a wide range of conditions and levels of crew experience. Surprisingly, perhaps, she is an ideal boat for beginners as, with ballast tanks full, she is stable, forgiving and very hard to capsize.

RS Sailing RS21 ✪ starts at USD 37,000

Length: 6.34 meters / 20.11 feet
The RS21 responds to the need for a progressive, simple and affordable solution for keelboat clubs that increasingly see the opportunity for fleet ownership, league competition and training. Pay-as-you-go. Team up and do it together. The RS21 is specifically designed for fleet purchase, with attributes that will appeal to individual buyers as well. It puts close racing over ultimate performance. Convenient ownership over complexity. It maximizes low maintenance, value and pure sailing enjoyment.

Beneteau First 24 ✪ USD 51,500

Length: 7.29 meters / 23.11 feet
The First 24, designed by Sam Manuard is a high-performance thoroughbred with a boldly modern hard-chine hull. Most of the running rigging is led back to the clutches located on the companionway and two winches combined with jammers making trimming child’s play. The First 24 performs particularly well in light and medium air, progressing moderately and with ease at speeds of 15 knots.

Corsair Marine Corsair 760 ✪ USD 92,500

Length: 7.39 meters / 24.3 feet
This new trailerable trimaran is destined to bring  trailer sailing to the next level. Originating from the ever popular Corsair 24 and 750 range this new model has received a radical redesign by our partners at Perus Yacht Design. The 760 offers sailors more comfort, performance and safety than any other trimaran range in this size. This has been achieved by cleverly designing high volume, wave piercing floats. Offering additional buoyancy and significantly increasing the vessels righting moments and safety margins.

Leonardo Yachts Eagle 38 ✪ USD 184,400

Length: 11.8 meters / 38.7 feet
The Eagle 38 is designed in close cooperation with Hoek design, one of the world’s leading yacht designers. As one can expect from Leonardo Yachts no compromises on beauty and elegance were made. The 38 has elegant classic lines combined with modern features and a modern underwater body. The boat is designed as a true daysailer, the cockpit comfortably seats six people and the Eagle 38 can be sailed single-handed. 


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