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$150 Soccer Gear CHALLENGE! – What's In My Soccer Bag Budget Edition

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20 comentarios

  1. Soccer Reviews For You

    I appreciate everyone's support on this series! Please let me know which budget you'd like to see for the next video. Thanks for watching!

  2. That ball looks crap why not just by a cheap version of the ucl or prem for like £15 from sports direct

  3. WTH is that cleat on your far left send last shelf

  4. Proper model 4:22

  5. Where do you live in Canada or in USA

  6. I use the Nemeziz which is £200 and the Mecurial Superfly €250

  7. I’ve broken so many of the nine j guards😂

  8. The metro socks were the opposite of durable

  9. 1 krasser BOY LoL

    in germany in a nike outlet were nike strike balls for only 7€

  10. Nobody:


  11. 4:30 player 1 ready!

  12. I have that bag and he is not lying

  13. $150 is hardley a budget

  14. Nike and Adidas together lol

  15. I recommend just cutting the sock so you just have the sleeve end then put any socks you want then just put the sock sleeve over

  16. only josh can talk abt socks for 3 minutes straight 😂

  17. Me :spends £40 on football boots max

    Him : spends 1000 Max

  18. Are we gonna ignore that he didn’t give it a string bag rating

  19. Finally he match

  20. I got vapor 13 for 69.59 dollars


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