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18/19 Authentic vs. Replica Soccer Jerseys From Top Clubs

Do you know how to spot the difference between an authentic and replica soccer jersey? We detail key features from adidas, Nike and PUMA. Don’t be left with a bad fitting jersey; join Cole and special guest Morgan Reid of the NWSL Champion Carolina Courage as we walk through the new kits for top club teams, like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Arsenal..

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20 comentarios

  1. Greattobeadub Ireland

    She doesn’t look excited!

  2. Very nice and helpful video for those football fans… Grazie 🙏

  3. They clealy fucked after

  4. Are the numbers printed on both

  5. The video I needed to watch. Because of this video, I learned something new about futbol jerseys.

  6. Do 1 for Inter o BVB

  7. Iván Ibai Herbosa Miguel

    Soccer?!?! Wtf FOOTBALL

  8. Now I know why arsenal players always look so fucking buff

  9. 10 months later the 2018-19 Adidas Home white Real Madrid Replica is Decent & the Authentic is CRAP. I own both. The crest peals off on the Authentic after +10 wear and gentle hand washing. Also the fabric is mad stain sensitive on BOTH! Once it gets pit stains, that's it, they're unsightly done. The last time Adidas made a durable Real white kit was their 2013-14 version.

  10. Nike “replicas” are a little tighter compared to adidas replicas

  11. Sooooo….. I learned that authentic jerseys are not worth spending extra $50 if u aren't super rich

  12. where I can buy the replicas.?

  13. Real one is thinner and "better air flow" right?

  14. Madrid jersey looks is the best 🔥

  15. Join our group to Get FREE JERSEY – https://www.facebook.com/groups/Awishdeal/

  16. Sorry but what a shitty vid. I came for details, for zooms, not for all that verbal description I could read anywhere. Wasted time

  17. I buy my football kit from the officiall football club store , way to suport my team and they usually send free stuff , also buy other clothing appeal

  18. On my kit is a patch wich is written: Authentic, but the logo and the nike logo is stricked, is it now authentic or not?


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