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Baseball videos to watch during chemo

Where is Dr. Gardner at?

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  1. I found the vid at 0:49 a little…MEAN

  2. Keep up the good vids, Walt. You are underrated like Jack Flaherty’s pitching.

  3. Chemo is no joke wtf

  4. I know the kid at 1:00

  5. 3:01 I slowed it down and he did catch it with his hand, and the hand part is just the same part but pasted on the end of a throwing clip

  6. 20%- videos with a bat in them
    20%- tik toks of baseball boys
    60%- kids hitting absolute bombs 💣

  7. the Kevin Mitchell card is worth about a dollar

  8. When I find that porn vid that was a banger from years ago 3:48

  9. The Bryce harper one had me dead😂

  10. Gary sheffield could play in 2019 and still hit dingaloid mcsmingaloids

  11. Wtf why during chemo

  12. Shitty title bro

  13. High school home runs always look the best

  14. these just complete my day

  15. The behind the back bat flip is always the move

  16. Lol those packs be worth like 5 cents

  17. Arman and Rayhan channel

    I have cured of cancer

  18. 3:48 That card is worth $1.00

  19. 3:48 aren’t those packs worth like .25$ lol


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