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TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 | Finals WS Highlights | BWF 2019

TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019 | Finals WS Highlights | BWF 2019

TOTAL BWF World Championships 2019
WS | Nozomi Okuhara vs. Pusarla V. Sindhu

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20 comentarios

  1. Total domination!

  2. Congrats shindu loves from indonesia

  3. So happy for PV Sindhu. And for India. Well done.

  4. China badminton women are struggling.

  5. lol @ women sports so trash

  6. Job well done. Congratulations!

  7. உடல் நலம், மனநலம், சந்தோசம்

    Fantastic. India needs more Sindhus in other sports too. And her coach Pullela Gopichand seems to have made a great contribution. There are so many other sports. India is just waking up, or is it just a flash in the pan, and back to watching cricket?

  8. Srinivasan Madhavan

    really proud Indian Well play god bless u

  9. Penonton nya bamyak banget ya

  10. Next is Olympic Gold.

  11. the wrong flag was used for TPE

  12. Rocky567 Rockstar

    Sindhu 🇮🇳

  13. It was really heartbreaking for Okuhara, her match against Inthanon really drained her up.

    Plus Shindu was in a huge advantage by her speed, size, and much reserved energy from the last match.

    Congrats Shindu

  14. I want to see the full length video

  15. Mukhalillullah Mohamad Nawi

    Well done Shindu.. Great game with powerful match u have.. After all the waiting and patient before this.. This year u get it Gold medal.. 🥇 Congratulation 💪🏆

  16. just like fight with a man player, funny thing was Sindhu lost in 2017

  17. shindu will be the next film in Bollywood 😂😂

  18. Very fast

  19. Why must be China?555


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