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Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED

More and more pitchers are throwing triple digits. The fastest of them tops out at 105 MPH. WIRED examines why the 110 MPH fastball is almost impossible.

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Why It’s Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED
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  1. I have only recently discovered your channel. I really like the content,
    one improvement i would suggest is adding metric distance/velocity
    measurements when talking of feet or miles per hour etc, I believe this
    one small addition would improve the understanding of a lot of your

  2. I can throw at 110 MPH

  3. Dude. You have the best job available.

  4. Your body is 75% water and i'm thirsty

    Thats what I find cool about the human body. We can throw objects with such force unrivaled in the animal kingdom.

  5. Nolan Ryan's fast ball peaked at 108mph, calculated based on a 105mph recording estimated for todays placement of the radar gun. So, if a police officer claims you were going 8mph over the limit; tell him it would only be 5mph over if he had used the old radar placement.

  6. Anime Weeb • 4 years ago

    So that's why my fastball went 109

  7. Wrong itNolan Ryan

  8. Even if you could throw that fast somehow….can you hit the strike zone?

  9. Marshalisepic III

    108 is unofficial record

  10. peoples ligaments are getting stronger along with there speed. When people have there body getting stronger and progressing the same way their fastball does they are fine. Its when you don't take off your arm that you get hurt. Your decelerating muscles are just as important as your accelerating throwing muscles.

  11. I actually believe it’s possible. I mean if aroldis chapman was 6’ 10 I bet he would throw 110.

  12. He be vibin tho

  13. You can't throw a 110 MPH fastball because you're not Nolan Ryan.

  14. When you’re 12 and pitch 10 mph faster than him

  15. Sanidhya Subhadarshan

    I am not american (indian) but I loves baseball ⚾⚾ much to watch but no opportunity or chance to play here, no field, no equipments, only I watch and know all rules, u r so lucky that its your national game, anyway👌👍👏i love our national game which is hockey too

  16. It’s great To be alive!

    This is a lie, my teacher can throw a piece of chalk at me at supersonic speeds

  17. Wait till Chapman blows his arm out and gets Tommy John surgery, he’ll be throwing 115 when he gets back

  18. It’s not impossible but it’s hard to throw one for a strike or without hitting someone.

  19. yeah until people start getting black market bionic surgery to replace their natural elbow ligaments with some new compound

  20. I can throw a ball at 115 mph, but it slows down to 45 mph when it gets to the plate…. Never figured out what the problem was!


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