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Course Review – Trump International Golf Links

► Golf Monthly’s Neil Tappin travelled to Aberdeen to explore one of the world’s most talked about new golf courses – Trump International Golf Links

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20 comentarios


    It was in the days oh Salmond,

    An his motely SNP crew,

    They let in scum wae diggers,

    An' really ruined a bonnie view,

    The jobs were tae be in the hundreds,

    An' Scotland tae gain sae much,

    But Trump an' ah side kicks,

    Have left bonnie Scotland in the lurch!

    Oh 17stard Trump eh built a hump,

    Tae block the view oh the guid folk at Menie.

    But just like the windfarm came,

    The bloody hump shall go fae Menie!

    The haggis hurling army,

    are on the march again,

    We're heading up tae Aberdeen,

    tae fix a big bloody mess,

    Oh half are armed wae pick & shovels.

    The other half wae big barrows,

    Just in case oh cops an trouble,

    We have sling an bows an arrows.

  2. F U C K trump! “LOCK HIM UP!”

  3. Didnt show the beautiful wind turbines;)

  4. Fuck off Golf Monthly. Shame on you for condoning this place

  5. 3:30 sounds like he’s crapping his pants

  6. Neil Tappin points the things that he thinks is important and should impress people about this golf course, …they all are material things, beds, bathrooms, and where they keep the booze. You are a sad individual for what you showcase is nothing compare to the beauty that this shoreline had before Trump screwed it up with his golf crap. Shame on all of you who even gave it a thought. What is even more shameful is knowing that full grown men have nothing better to do than to try and put a little ball in a hole and had to destroy an eco system and rape the people of the area to do it.

  7. How sick that anyone would show up and play this course considering the way Trump treated the property owners around this course, how he destroyed a very important eco system, how stole the views of the people of this country who know how to work for a living. It is amazing the number of people who condone the rottenness of Trump. Didn't we have enough golf courses people can play on? But Trump had to find an important eco system had to trouble hard working middle class people to dump on because he knows from all of his past experiences with them they don't have the money to fight them when he screws them, when he robs them, when he doesn't pay them, and tears them down. Considering the rape job Trump did to get this piece of property to put nothing but a damn golf course on it everyone who plays it are sad individuals who obviously have the same kind of morals and that is NONE.

  8. I hear the place is losing a lot of money and will likely go the way of the Trump Plaza Casino. Besides all the bad publicity he got for paying off officials to ignore environmental laws and bulldoze out local families who have lived there for centuries Scotland is not the best place to sink tons of money into a big fancy golf course in my opinion. Florida, the Caribbean or Hawaii yes but not Scotland. The weather is typically cold, cloudy and windy, not the best climate for outdoor activities. Some people like this kind of environment but most would prefer palm trees and a warm breeze to a cold rainy wind. Scotland may be a great place to explore ancient haunted sites but not the best place for golf resort.

  9. I must say, it looks magnificent. I will say, I would never play a course that has any association with its developer. There are scores of wonderful courses in Scotland that will serve me quite well.

  10. Well worth destroying an S.S.S.I for …..


  11. The highly regarded Golf Digest ranks it as #56 in the world, not #8 as does Golf Monthly. ?????????

  12. Not really I have worked at pebble beach and come check out golf course you'll be amazed

  13. He's English this is not your country.

  14. Should be part of the Open. Thank you President Trump 🙂 Great course!

  15. I think this is the greatest course on earth, glad it's in the home of golf.

  16. Well, evidently the locals are snowflakes and don't deserve the course…. let's bulldoze it flat and open a land fill instead, all those spent hanky's must need buried….

  17. How are the holes named? Impeachment Grove? Muller’s Dupe?

  18. Wouldn't play the place if you paid me. The man is a complete moron, and the way he treated the locals , he deserves nothing !

  19. "Review" lol

    paid for fluff (as nice as the course may be)


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