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Surfing in the Great Lakes – Red Bull New Wave

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Professional big wave surfer Jamie Sterling hopped on a plane with a mission to find and surf decent waves in the great lakes.

At Beaver Bay in Duluth (lake superior), Minnesota amongst freezing cold temperatures, Sterling was able to surf some remarkably big waves despite being in an actual fresh water lake.


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Sobre admin

20 comentarios

  1. How many sick wrap around peelers go unridden is the question. Damn that's cold.

  2. It's all yours ;>

  3. I think you would only do it for the camera.

  4. Damn. When he first jumped in, MY balls retracted.

  5. MICHIGAN gets 25 feet,..everyone knows that; STAY OUT; DANGEROUS !! SURF

  6. For those in Europe who are wondering how big this lake is. Lake Superior's surface is 31,700 square miles. So, it's a bit bigger than the Czech Republic (~30,500) and just a little smaller than Ireland (~32,500).

  7. "hands and feet are frozen" does he not notice the icicles on his face?

  8. I would like to see any professional surfer surfing those conditions much props to this dude

  9. GET BARRELED IN CLEVELAND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Reminds me of chicken joe from surfs up

  11. I would love to go lake surfing.

  12. 30 degree water, no thanks

  13. Never knew the GL got so BIG ! WTF? Still a novelty wave (where's Ben Gravy?) Lol. Way to go JS.

  14. I bet your balls were the size of peas

  15. Jets on the skill tester….

  16. Man, that is hard-core as hell! Look at the ice hanging off his hat when he get out. Far out, man.

  17. Yeah, this certainly is not the North Shore of Ohau.

  18. wow that was real surf way to go

  19. These are some proper waves for a lake


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