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Buying A Mountain Bike – Online or Local Bike Shop?

Buying A Mountain Bike - Online or Local Bike Shop?

So, the hard part is done! You’ve done hours of research on what mountain bike to buy a, and what components you want on it. Now it’s time decide whether you want to penny pinch and buy a mountain bike online, or at your local bike shop!

In this episode, I speak with local bike shop owner, Bob of Bobcat Bicycles in Salinas, Ca.
I also chat with an online representative from one of the biggest Online mountain biking superstores to try to get to the bottom of this debate. Should you buy a mountain bike online or at your local bike shop!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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14 comentarios

  1. My lbs ordered my new 2020 DJ frame for me
    But I build it

  2. Vitus Neculus !

  3. Can someone please explain to me why I can have a $6,000 bike shipped directly to my house but a Giant LIV Intrigue 3 that cost right at $1,999 has to be shipped to a bike store in your local area? is this a manufacture request or what gives? Thanks

  4. Finding the correct LBS is all about finding peeps you can connect with. A lot of the owners and employees don't even ride. Hence why is anyone taking advice from someone that does not ride. Non riders will not ha e the same level of passion.

  5. Are you available in Kenya? Cox i want mountain bike , back and front torches

  6. You don't need riding shorts, the cargo shorts you have will work just fine. And from my experience, Wallmart bike gloves last just as long as name brand bike shop gloves.

  7. I went to LBS for my trek Roscoe 7

  8. Man, been watching your videos for a while now (since you had less than 100 subs). Your videos and presentation style keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work.

  9. The Adventure Biker

    Nice video man. Just found you through a Facebook group. Cheers

  10. I think that if you're completely. new and you can't do. maintenance your self go to a store. I do disagree with the bike store guy about the level of gear needed. if it's a brand. new biker all they need is a backpack and a water bottle and they most likely have that already. and. maybe some. tools to. fix punctures. you don't need to. spend 150-200$ on "contact point gear right away. I got. my bike online and I have spent some. money on bike shops for repairs and tuneups but I got into the repairing my self and man did that save me a lot of money. I do still get small things at the local store because with shipping it would be more expensive and I do tell people to use the local stores. but I. ku self will. never buy a bike at a store again 😂 although if money wasn't an option I would use a local store provided they have the bike I want 😊

  11. Very cool video, informative and well made.

  12. Nice video man! Clicked off of skills with Phil to watch this. Keep up the good work!


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