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Locals Taj Burrow and Jay Davies Show Us The Best Of Western Australia | No Contest Ep.4

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The men and women of the WSL World Tour bounce back Down Under, this time to West Oz and the meaty waves of Margaret River and The Box. STAB’s Ashton Goggans trys his hand at a unruly slab with Western Australia’s favorite surfing son, Taj Burrow. Then Ashton’s off to a world-class winery with Red Bull Airborne star Jay Davies. Turns out the world’s best pro surfers have a solid dose of culture flowing in their veins. Study up on all the good times, right here on Ep. 4 of No Contest. Next stop is Rio!

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20 comentarios

  1. Ant Man. Still got one of his boards in the shed.

  2. Ayy watching this after shredding supertubes!

  3. does someone knows the name of the track at 5:00 ? epic one !!!

  4. Trophy or no Trophy Taj Burrow will always be a world champion in the world of surfing! love the video guys, keep them coming. Yew

  5. Taj is just the mothafuggin man. So effortless.

  6. Surf epic waves and destroy the environment at the same time!!!

  7. The last secret spot is sick….a nice roll in wave, followed by a slab tube.

  8. What is the name of this epic tune at 4:47 ?

  9. That was really enjoyable .

  10. Epic @redbullsurfing…… defo gonna make a trip out to west OZ soon

  11. They've managed to turn surfing into something that I can't relate to anymore. It used to be simple.

  12. seeing this makes me want to get back in the water…..
    i'm 46 now and haven't surfed for years…. i truly believe that if i'd kept surfing i wouldn't have ruined my life… take note kids: Don't ever give up surfing. No matter what.
    Is there a video anyone can point me to with the best Jakes Point surfing? (My best memories of surfing were from there)

  13. I drove around for 4 hours started at gas bay checked everywhere ended up paddling out at gas. Seems like the first place you check in wa is always the best. 4 hours I'll never get back.

  14. id love it if you guys named the songs too

  15. 5:35 tune epic…

  16. What's with that Ashton guy? What a little fagboy hahahaa who invited that peanut?

  17. that intro music tho

  18. so true a good meat pie after a surf is gold

  19. “Men in gray suits” that’s the sharks house! Watching these guys drop on that slab, yeaaa I don’t even surf lol they make it look too easy.


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