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How To Check and Replace a Door Latch MK5 GTI

How To Check and Replace a Door latch is a very common vw repair. This can be due to a sticking door, stuck door, a door that will not open, or a door that will not lock or unlock. There are also some checks you should do before replacing the door latch. Thanks to FCPEuro for partnering on this video. DIY STARTS AT ~ 2:00

Drivers Door Latch ~ http://bit.ly/2M70cKW
Dewalt Impact Driver ~ http://bit.ly/2szgpki

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  1. Resurrecting the thread, but roughly how long will replacing the latch take? My rear driver side door is not locking so gotta do this.

  2. Followed this and it worked perfectly, except for the stripped triple square which I just jammed in a torq to get out. Thanks a lot

  3. This was so much simpler than I expected! Thanks for the instructional! Saved me time and money

  4. I have 4 door Golf MK5 2008. And back left door (behind driver) are stuck locked, I can't opet them from in or out side or with keyfob. When I press keyfob to unlock doors I here tik-tik like double unlock sound from back left doors. Like mechsnism tries to unlock but it can't. How to open back left doors now when they are stuck in locked pozition? All other doors work normal. Thanks for any help or advice.

  5. My 2006 Jetta's drivers door doesn't unlock when I exit the car, so if I hit lock nothing happens. I'd then open them, the alarm will go out. To lock it, I have to press unlock either inside the car or with the key, the hit lock. That locks the door fine. Strangely when I open the door 'open door' shows up on the dash. Could that still be a faulty latch or some other issue? Thanks in advance!

  6. Will a regular drill do the job instead of an impact drill?

  7. Great vid. I have to do mine soon. I have to do the front passenger side. Just wondering about the lock cylinder part. The passenger side does not have a physical key lock. Is this just a cap or a dummy door lock?

  8. Great explanation. Please tell me the same procedure goes for a 13 jetta? My driver side latch is not closing there is no tension on either inside or outside handles. Maybe the spring mechanism came undone? Thanks for all you do

  9. good one!
    right away FAILURE! it is what it is

  10. Great video! However, the replacement door lock came with no pre-tensioning spring and the metalwork does not allow for it. Installed the new lock anyway and the door will not open from the outside, inside latch works fine. Any ideas?

  11. Really great tutorial, can’t understand who would give it a thumbs down if they do would like an explanation from those turkeys

  12. Great video, great instructions. Thank you.

  13. Can from this problem to have a battery drain?

  14. I know I am late to this, but does anyone know where I can get the bolts for the door skin?

  15. Humble Mechanic – This video was spot on. I was able to easily replace the door actuator and it worked…for a while. For some reason the Jetta will not lock/unlock with key fob or lock/unlock buttons in car. The gas tank cover and trunk won't open either. Oddly enough, the only thing the key fob seems to work with is opening the trunk. I also get the open door chime when all doors are closed. Did I get the "lucky" bad replacement part or is there another issue? Any suggestions?

  16. Is there any easy way to fix the inside of the locking mechanism without buying a new one? If not, what is the part number for the newest revision I should be looking for in order to prevent this problem from happening again. Thank you kindly!

  17. oh my, the price for the rear ones is very high at rock auto. :I

  18. Cameron Ellsworth

    What year was this car? Would a 02 beetle be the same process?

  19. Is the key cylinder bad if the key spins around?

  20. Does this need re-programming for the Key Fob to work?


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