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Ezzy Sails 2020 Wave & Taka (4K HD)

Hey Guys,

I have used Ezzy sails for 20 years and was introduced to them when I worked at a windsurf shop in Perth called Surf Sail Australia who is the Australian importer. I have had many good years using Ezzy sails….. most sails on the market are great to use in their own way but I’m just used to the feel of the Ezzys now. I also appreciate the quality & ethos behind the brand in general. I do get some good deals on Ezzy sails because I sometimes promote the shop in Perth that sells them.

When I was in Peru I met Kevin Pritchard who is a sponsored & passionate Ezzy sailor. I had so much footage of Kevin on his 2020 Ezzys I thought I’d make a little promo video for them.

The song I chose was because I was in a taxi on my way to Lima airport about to leave Peru and it came up on the radio. I asked the driver who it was and he said ‘Soda Stream’ from Argentina. Thought it was a pretty catchy tune so decided to use it for this video.


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  1. Great sailing like the floater in the end🤙

  2. Loved it !!

  3. Claudio Rojas Bruna

    👍 great..!!

  4. Buenas, surfeadas, wing, champion,

  5. Love Ezzy!!!!! Been here since the beginning and STILL top notch!🤙🤙🤙🤙

  6. Where is that wave??

  7. Great vid! I wish I could ride the waves like this but I believe some days I will!!! Is my understanding correct that he is not planning there but surfing the wave on the way back?

  8. Nice smooth aerial-free

  9. That is one BADASS video.

  10. great drone skills paul!!! great footage and awesome conditions!! unfortunately the water color sucks and overcast sky didn't help!! meybe some color correction love?

  11. Sweet edit, fantastic sailing! Such a good/fun looking spot, its on the bucket list.

  12. Surf Sail Australia

    Fantastic video Paul, thanks for sharing

  13. The best sail, la mejor canción, Soda Stereo. Gracias Paul ! (from Argentina)

  14. Bordel. Cette musique sur ce genre de vidéo 🥰

  15. The song selection made my day, can't go wrong with Soda! Great vid!

  16. UK Longboard OLdSkool Windsurfing

    Great sit-down style wave ride at the end of the vid and some great all round skills, like riding front to sail. World class stuff indeed. Great looking sails. I've got ezzy waves dating back to the 90s and although my windsurfing is nothing like this, I always get behind ezzy as a brand that are tough and versatile.

  17. My last wave sails in 2012 where Ezzy . I've been in love with Ezzy Sails from 2003 to 2012

  18. Nice choice of music, S.S.

  19. Cool. Where it is ? What volume/ sail size do you use ? Your weight?


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