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How to Start skateboarding! I’ve been meaning to make this video for a long time and here it finally is! For those of you who are thinking of jumping on the board, I hope this helps! Anyone can skateboard the important part is that you’re having fun! Good luck and enjoy your time on the board! Videos all the time so stay tuned!

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20 comentarios

  1. I have no friends I could skate with and no skateparks near me but I REALLY wanna learn

  2. im only motivated when i sit down and watch videos,
    as soon as i stand up im not motivated anymore

  3. 3:01 I love the kid in the background

  4. Tip for the dumbasses like me: don't do it on wood

  5. I’m very scared to start skating

  6. Jessica Mercado-Cardoza

    I need a new board

  7. I just got a skateboard and I have no Idea how to run one😂, ill learn with time I guess

  8. I honestly quit skateboarding all i could was ride a board and i was to scared to try anything im only 12 lol and i still have the board but i dont think i'll start it again i want to but i cant do anything

  9. I should be getting my skateboard tomorrow!!!

  10. First day skateboarding: "I'mma take it at my own pace"

    My friends at the skatepark: "SEND IT! DO A KICKFLIP!"

  11. Please take the time out of your day to read this. I am 13 and have been really wanting to get into skateboarding for 4 weeks now. I had a walmart board but my dad is convinced that it's perfect and i broke it while skating so now hes telling me about patience and blah blah I know my dad that means he's not buying me one. So it'll be a huge help if you had the slightest idea how I could get an acceptable quality board

  12. Instructions were unclear. I’m now wanted in four states for second and first degree murder

  13. If you learned to Ollie in two weeks you are gifted

  14. I am 11

  15. I am learning how to skateboard so maybe I could use this video to learn

  16. Natalie Hemlinger

    what size skateboard should I start with??

  17. Right now it’s January 2020 i plan to record my progress for a year (so 2021) I will post a video, wish me luck.

  18. Dude, your giving me inspiration to grab my skateboard that has been in my closet for 3 months and to go skateboard, I'm going to do it later on today. Thank you. I will conquer this Ollie!!

  19. "Ill come back and i will conquer you" i felt that and im there now😂👌👌

  20. I'm 12 and I have a penny board so I'm practicing how to skate


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