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Washington Nationals get final out to win the 2019 World Series!

Daniel Hudson got the last out to seal the 2019 World Series championship for Washington!

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20 comentarios

  1. The Astros. Twice lost the World Series at their turf. The other is to the 05' White Sox My Sox killed them then.

  2. 0:27 is satisfying when you click replying it

  3. Braves fans look away.

  4. That's what you get for cheating, Houston.

  5. Even as an Astros fan I’m glad we lost in the place we cheated, the nats deserved this

  6. You can take the buzzer off now Altuve, games over..Lol

  7. The looks on Corriea and Atuves faces says it all for me! With this cheating scandal, Ive played it back a thousand times, cheating losers!

  8. Even with the astros cheated, they still lost.

  9. The Astros cheated and they still lost 😂

  10. Crazy that they beat the cheaters. Not even a nats fan but this is top 3 best World Series in my lifetime. 2011 might have been topped

  11. Know that we know what we know about the astros this is even more satisfying😄

  12. Buckeye4life 440

    I’m so happy that the Houston CHEATERS lost!!!!!

  13. Dear Washington

    As a Toronto fan of all Major League sports I whole-heartedly wanna thank you on behalf of all sports fans around the world for beating the Astrocheaters. They cheated and still lost to you guys.

  14. Even as A Mets fan learning the Astros were cheaters… looking back at this makes it all so satisfied! Screw those Astros cheaters!!

  15. 1:07 Guess you shouldn’t have cheated!😂


  17. Cried like a baby..

  18. It only took 14 years for the nationals to win the World Series since 2005 when they were relocated from Montreal. Probably the shortest drought since the nationals first started without a championship or their previous World Series win

  19. 1:18. “When you cheat your best, but you don’t succeed”


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