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2020 Naish Wing-Surfer

Robby Naish riding the new Wing-Surfer from Naish.

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  1. You know … I think if you put a mast on there, much like a sailboat, and then some sort of horizontal handle bar to hold onto, you might be onto something here!

  2. Can these be adapted for sailboats?

  3. Soi11 The Falling Girl

    Do you guys have an email address? I have questions regarding which board to get. I want one with straps.

  4. is that robbie, damm still going strong

  5. 👍👍😎

  6. WindWeapon the way it was meant to be.

  7. Has anyone tried cliff jumping or skydiving with it yet?

  8. Looks awkward! Wonder how long it would be till my arms drop off

  9. Arms, hand and fingers, be ready.

  10. A day in the life

    Dear Robbie keep bringing out new kite boarding/surfing stuff
    This is ridonkulous lol.

  11. don't want to be mean or anything but isn't this just 'back to the future'? this is how the windsurfer idea came about – put a sail on a surfboard…here you're putting a sail on an 'stand up paddleboard'….same difference….

  12. Ronald Burgandie

    Looks clunky

  13. Great.

  14. Marcin Hadwiczak

    Hi. Does anyone tried this on the snowboard? Is there any chance to use it instead of kite for snowkiting? This could be be really nice option 😉 I know that for the snowkite sizes of the kites are much much bigger, but the simplicity of this wing in buying me in 😀

  15. How does one go upwind on this?

  16. Without capability of reefing and dereefing on water it seems to be a beach toy only

  17. Carlos Salgado Aran

    Just buy a windsurf equipment

  18. This is like a dream job creating this. I wonder if you have a video showing the story of how this idea was developed. It would be interesting seeing the 1st theories of what was thought to have worked, then the testing with the failures, the struggles to solve issues and finally the successes.

  19. ehh … in few years people will look back at his and have a good laugh.


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