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Why We Sail–"Nautical Terms in Action"

Turn on “CC” (Closed Captions) for spellings. About the author: https://www.amazon.com/Christian-Williams/e/B001H6IOB8/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 Clicking on the “bug” on the video screen brings up 34 more Christian Williams yachting videos.

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  1. Thank you. I love the way you teach and wish there was more.

  2. Adestrador Online

    Great video! Best regards.

  3. Calmly captivating

  4. Went sailing once! From Annapolis md to saint Mary's college. Did everything on the boat and had the 3rd watch steering .Two days sailing 48 hrs or so. I spent two days in bed unable to move, every muscle in my body frozen and soar I was still glad I went!!!

  5. Haha, I really enjoy your narration sir

  6. Another great video!

  7. This was helpful for me. It’ll take a few more before I retain everything. 👍

  8. The standard dropped considerably before they let

    me in 😉
    ha ha ha
    Fair winds ,,,/),,,,

  9. Interesting stuff even though I’ll never take up sail.
    It’s always good to know things that you’ll never get involved into, at least have some knowledge.

  10. sundaynightdrunk

    Twelve minutes and it felt like five. I always look forward to these.

  11. Willie Stubblefield

    Mr. Williams, You are my absolute favorite! I am always a little sad when one of you videos end!
    Thank you

  12. Richard Bohling Sr

    Ahoy Captain, Permission to come aboard? Where would sailors be if they had to speak like landlubbers. Oh Drat they would become landlubbers. I guess King Neptune wants it that way.

  13. I've never sailed before but watching your videos Sparks something in me. Maybe the same spark our ancestors had when they would sail to the unknown looking for new lands not knowing if they would ever return. Seems a very strange DNA encoding, when the sea calls to you. Odd.

  14. Mr Williams, you condensed in 12 min what others take hours. So down to earth, unpretentious, informative and intuitive. It takes a poet's mind to see the meaning of things. And thanks for omitting the ever infuriating music that people feel obligated to torture us with.I have to repeat what Colleen West said so eloquently below:" I wish our country had lots more men like this. You can see the balance and calm in him. Today's "men" and women are a nightmare of anger, politics, division, strong opinion on things they know not what. Just a mess of a generation. Where did we all go so wrong?"

  15. Well done Christian. Informative for most, with just enough glitches for the "nit pickers" to jump on………………which no doubt makes their day (and amuses the rest of us….. at their expense).

  16. You’re my hero

  17. östen petersson

    Brilliant stuff 🙂

  18. Thank you!

  19. LOL, thanks for this, it describes my wife and I very well: I give an instruction, such as 'keep her head to windward while I hoist the main', and she says 'what?' Thanks for the video, I enjoyed watching it.

  20. For accuracy.


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