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2020 Volkswagen Golf review – is it the best Golf ever? | What Car?

Look! It’s a new Volkswagen Golf! But what’s new with this eighth-generation model? And what’s it like? Watch on to find out everything you need to know!

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20 comentarios

  1. What a real shame….. I am in the market for a new car and this was top of the list in terms of drive and handling. BUT touchscreen menu, sub-menu to do all the basics while trying to keep focus on the road ahead has convinced me this needs binning off. They've got this so wrong…. BMW 1 Series, it is then. Very good, very practical and very informative review that tells it like it is…. an extremely good car that has been designed with a huge downside that will deter many.

  2. I'd buy anything but this. It's simply too boring and dull.
    The car you buy if you don't like cars.

  3. Piperbob2younsaid"Touch Screens are dangerous" etc.
    You didn't mention that when driving; voice control takes any distraction risk away.

    If criticising something and telling only part of the story, your comments are pointless.

  4. So many people making weird negative comments about a car they haven't even seen in person.
    Wake up- this car is incredibly good and honestly; looks nothing like ANY Toyota ever made- thank god…

  5. Completely negative review for what is a truly well conceived car.
    The new technology is happening, accept it and recognise how good this new tech is on the Golf.
    Confusing for the first 5 minutes; intuitive once the basics have been grasped.
    This car is superb

  6. A standard bonnet stand. VW no longer a premium brand. Bonnet not painted on the inside either.

  7. A monumental fuck up. The 7/7.5 was perfection, just modernise the look like you did with the Polo and increase the power on the GT models, job done. I don’t want to let go of my MK7 now but I’ve got to at some point….not sure what to go for now.

  8. That interior is god aweful.

  9. This generation has the losing formula. Complete fail!

  10. What were VW thinking?! Ugly styling and stupid dash controls, looks cheap as well. The MK7 has suddenly become a classic.

  11. love or hate it this is the future

  12. i think the new Leon looks better.

  13. Cars are coming with more tech that assists with driving, therefore this issues relating to a lack of physical buttons and the distractions they create won’t be an issue for much longer.

  14. Thanks, this review seems honest to me. Most german reviewers overlook the crappy digital dashboard.

  15. I am seriously considering buying the 2019 model before it is gone! Don’t like this at all

  16. Come on!!!! Please stop licking German asses.

  17. So, if the front seat passenger wants their heated seat on, they ave to reach across to the touch screen which is angled towards the driver to activate it?
    These touch screens are not only impractical they are downright f***ing dangerous.

  18. aaaaaaaand when a touch screen goes OUT.. EVERYTHING GOES OUT. PAY UP!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  19. The front of it looks like was designed by Toyota or Hyundai U G L Y.. not getting this one.. I am moving on.. its been a fun 24 years driving GTIs..

  20. 40mpg, wow, my BMW 2l diesel should be ashamed of itself, it has only managed 50.4 over the last 60k miles


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