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Are Electric Skateboard Legal in Australia

Are Electric Skateboard Legal in Australia


Are Electric Skateboard Legal in Australia

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What You Need To Know About Riding An Electric Skateboard Legally In Australia

If you have been considering purchasing an electric skateboard, it is important that you realize that this innovative new form of transportation is not a toy. Use of a motorized skateboard carries potential risk, and operators must know how to use the board safely and avoid misuse of the board diligently. Because electric skateboards are quite new and innovative, laws governing their use may vary from one Australian region to another. Be that as it may, the basic guidelines and rules governing safe use are fairly uniform. Common sense should certainly be your guide whenever you use an electric skateboard in any location.

Safety Rules & Laws Governing Electric Skateboard Use In Australia

Generally speaking, local, state and federal laws prohibit misuse of electric skateboards. Some examples of prohibited practices include:

* Overloading
* Playing tricks
* Accelerating suddenly

Furthermore, it is important that riders understand proper riding methodology as well as the limits of the electric skateboard.

There are a number of different skateboard designs; however, each must adhere to specifications regarding safety standards. These vary depending upon the location in which the board in question will be marketed. For example, specifications for boards sold in Australia may vary from those sold in the United States. Boards are generally designed to meet specific conditions for use. Safety concerns might include:

* The condition of the surface where the board will be used.

* The ability of the board to withstand bumps and potholes.

* The rider’s weight.

These types of considerations and more are included when a skateboard is designed to be used in a specific region and for a specified purpose.

In addition to board design, people using electric skateboards in Australia must also be cognizant of safety requirements. In most places, use of a helmet while riding an electric skateboard is required. Electric skateboard manufacturers offer high quality safety equipment and helmets, and it is advisable to get the exact type of equipment that is recommended for use with your board. A good helmet and safety equipment can greatly reduce your risk of being injured.

Be Sure To Choose A High Quality Electric Skateboard For Ultimate Safety

Just like any other new technology, the market is rife with knock-offs. While a cheap knock-off board may be alright just to try out in a very limited area, if you are looking for an electric skateboard to use as a transportation alternative, you need to invest in something high quality and substantial. There are a few good electric skateboard manufacturers today, and as the technology grows and evolves, more choices will emerge.

When selecting a safe electric skateboard to use legally and trouble free in Australia, be sure to examine your choices carefully. Look for boards that are built with high quality components. Get a good warranty, and look for a company that has replacement parts readily available and will provide you with good customer service.

When you choose a high quality electric skateboard and take the time to learn proper safety procedure and familiarize yourself with local laws, you can look forward to an enjoyable experience. You will be amazed by how convenient and fun it is to ride your small, lightweight electric skateboard when running small errands, traveling from the bus or train to your office or just tooling around the Lucky Country!

Are Electric Skateboard Legal in Australia

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Are Electric Skateboard Legal in Australia

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  1. Completely illegal in NSW (in public areas). I don't know about the rest of Australia but more than likely illegal as well. This link will explain the legal situation fully http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/unregistered.html scroll down to the bottom of the document to the section marked "Prohibited Vehicles".

    From the code, "The following motorised recreational devices do not meet minimum Australian design standards for safety and cannot be registered:" and qualifies this by adding "Motorised skateboards – electric/petrol engine." amongst other types of vehicles fit into this category.

    It finishes this section by stating "These types of devices must not be used on roads or in any public areas such as footpaths, car parks and parks. Some retailers sell these vehicles and fail to warn customers that they cannot be used on roads or in public areas. There are heavy penalties for using unregistered and uninsured vehicles. Police can also seize unregistered vehicles."

    The fines (in NSW) are about $1300 plus possible confiscation of the vehicle.

  2. EugeneTest Manager

    can you read the text for your watchers?

  3. What absolute rubbish! Only ONE "Law" was mentioned (about helmets) and it was WRONG! You don't have to wear helmets with skateboards in Australia. All the other stuff was not "laws" … just "safety advice". The actual law in Australia regarding electric skateboards is that it's ILLEGAL to use them on public roads AND footpaths. You can only ride them at the park and your own backyard. Otherwise the cops will slap you with a $600 fine.


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