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Kelly Slater vs. Ryan Callinan – Quarterfinals, Heat 1 – Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2019

Kelly Slater vs. Ryan Callinan - Quarterfinals, Heat 1 - Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2019

Kelly Slater and Ryan Callinan battle in Quarterfinals, Heat 1 at the 2019 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach. #WSL

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20 comentarios

  1. Ud think slater would know what works .why reinvent the wheel.

  2. kellly got thebbiggest fin he can on this shit

  3. Kelly looked more off then I have ever seen!

  4. Kelly, use a bigger fin on the back fin, and then you'll surf more solid, more solidly radical.

  5. Al Merrick needs to just send Kelly like 20 boards with a note 📝 that says: Just Stop! Love Al (When Kelly retires, I retire from watching the tours)

  6. Board selection bit Slater right in the ass this time.

  7. So obvious, Kelly's heart isn't into this anymore. NO MORE FIRE. Even at the 'goldie' he was throwing 'punts' at the lip and falling, I mean it looked like my youngest son surfing Pavils when he was 10. Sometimes I think he is doing this on purpose, so not to stop the "younger crew" from reaching their dreams. Not to take anything from Ryan, he was ripping. I mean, even Dane Reynolds was bumming that he was beating guys in Hawaii, that were trying to reach their dream of making it to the CT. I wonder if that's the reason he no longer surfs contest here in Hawaii.

  8. Clearly, Slater's board selection is a bit too progressive.

  9. Kelly surfing wave pool boards in 8ft beasts. Makes no sense.

  10. Wow look at the waves this morning! I feel bad for the last few heats yesterday, those conditions were nearly impossible

  11. Callinan, ripping solid.

  12. Hopefully John can bring it home.

  13. There should be others in their prime considering the fact that Slater could have fathered anyone else on tour but there no one else I'd rather watch. He should definitely captain the USA in 2020.

  14. So many comments bitching about Kelly’s boards

  15. Kelly needs to change boards

  16. Slaters board was too small very noticeable

  17. kelly's boards are absolute shit for him. Why is he continuing to use them?? He looks consistently and noticeably shit on these boards, for years.

  18. Spasalonsupplier Sekarshopkuta

    When KS was No,1 could "Action" on Critical section like 7:04
    King did well but time is come

  19. I think Slater needs to make adjustments on his boards. His boards might be TOO loose and a little too thin.

  20. Christopher Cheek

    Kelly's boards look super chattery under his feet. Not pretty.


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