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5 Panel Caps | How to wear and pair | Teen Style Advice

Hey there again, welcome to my second style video, this time focussing on everything you need to know about 5 panel caps.
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Video breakdown:
1. 5 panel cap history
2. Showcasing of various designs and prints
3. Basic how to wear them
4. How to wear them in relation to hair style
5. How to pair them with clothing and examples

Caps featured:
1. Hawaiian Quiet Life Cap
2. Corduroy Quiet Life Cap
3. Blue Paisley Asos Cap
4. Black Paisley Cap (Unbranded)

Quiet Life Website:


Thats all you need to know about the most stylish cap currently around, thank you for watching! See you in the next one!
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20 comentarios

  1. Can anyone tell me what these caps are called with the strait sides i hate round sided caps

  2. But I'm bald. How do I wear one?

  3. Brpa an bang

  4. Great video you can upgrade your videos with music

  5. halah jamet lu

  6. Lmao same name

  7. I recently found an amazing store that sells handmade five panel caps made of amazing fabric. There aren't enough days in the weekend for me to wear all the designs I like! http://www.lowerparkeurope.com

  8. Hey Ryan, my head too small for a 5 or 6 panel snapback…
    What do I do?

  9. Great vid helps alot

  10. Cool vid!.. love it!.. i bought a camp cap recently, and im doing the happy medium with the fringe 🙂

  11. Quint had a 5 pane ( fitted ) l cap in the movie Jaws. I think it was a WW 2 US Navy cap.

  12. Just spent £45 on a Brixton, can't wait for it to turn up

  13. Weirdly good video

  14. It looks kinda big on your head

  15. if u need advice just look at tyler the creator

  16. Nehcomplyslappygrindbsboneless Bodyvarials

    Nice video!

  17. Archie Hutchison

    On a level this vid was so helpful!

  18. hey Ryan! thanks for the video! i've looked around on the web for cool hats that i like and styles that look nice and after getting some advice from /fa/, i copped a plain black 5 panel. when i got it, i was a bit interested on what i could wear and do with it and i eventually came across your video. thank you!

    also one thing i thought i should say is that next time you're filming, make sure you're fully in the frame. it was difficult when you were demonstrating the style when i couldn't completely see what you were presenting. nonetheless, great video!


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