Nick from the Headwaters Kayak shop showing you more kayak gear from Kokatat. This setup the the most versatile and can be outfitted to be an ideal freshwater setup to keep you dry when launching or to be a full on dry suit to paddling in all conditions freshwater or out in the salt.


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  1. Is this suit for hot weather? Like above 30 Celisus

  2. I appreciate your great review, thanks

  3. Pretty fun video, but my friend blew out his expensive dry suit doing that. My freind's decent was a bit higher/farther than this dock jump, but still nobody wants to damage their expensive dry suit. Party on.

  4. Hello
    so I wish you could have demonstrated what you called the "three roll" technique
    maybe you could say a few words about this technique
    thank you

  5. I really like them but they are expensive. People can't afford them especially if on a fixed income.

  6. Just to be sure, I checked with Kokatat. Their response is below. The suit you show is not a drysuit or even a semi-dry suit. It is dry pants with a splash top. I don’t know why you are misrepresenting this product as a “waterproof”, “full on drysuit”. You also say it is suitable for ALL conditions. The manufacturer does not agree. Please fix this!

    From Kokatat:

    This system would be more waterproof if you use a dry top with a latex neck gasket instead of the Passage Anorak which only has a hook and loop gusseted neck closure (not a neoprene neck collar like stated in the video). Kokatat's paddling suits come with a neoprene neck collar and are semi-dry.

    You can see when he takes the top off the amount of water that ends up in the rolls attaching the jacket to the bibs during only a 14 second swim. No, this system is not equivalent to a dry suit. If he had stayed in the water longer water could have made its way through the rolls. This system can be effective when the rolls are clean and tight but it is difficult to be sure and I wouldn't risk it if you will be in cold water for extended periods of time.

  7. I wish you had the microphone closer. I completely missed what you said at the first of the video even with the sound up all the way. Can you re record it so what you are saying the gear is can be heard?

  8. I would caution you about using this combo in any kind of tough conditions. The guy is in the water a total of 14 seconds, and he is already wet. In cold water for any kind of longer immersion, you're in trouble. Especially in rough water. The waist seal seems solid. But that neck seal is nowhere near as good as a latex gasket. Calling this a "dry suit" or describing it as "waterproof" is totally inaccurate.

  9. How much for all that you are wearing?

  10. is there a link? thanks!

  11. Christopher Lopez

    Great video! Love how majority of your body stay nice and dry! Great review on everything! Tight lines 🎣

  12. Good job, Nick! I was waiting for you to jump in, haha. The three rolls at the waist is a good idea and makes sense. This is a great option!

  13. Out West with Chris

    Awesome cannonball! So the bibs are not socked?

  14. Very well done Nick! Stoked you took it off to show how dry it is.


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