Today we Snowboard and then we skateboard! Which one would you rather do though? Skateboard or snowboard? I will make a more in depth video on the pros and cons, but for now this is what I have! Hope you all liked this video! If you did please make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for DAILY VLOGS!
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20 comentarios

  1. Preston Tenbrink


  2. Skating a bowl feels like your carving snow . Sort of. Hurts alot more . I'm in ontario so its ice most of the time that hurts too . But not comparable concrete .

  3. why do they make skating look boring is it cuz their bad lol?

  4. I’m good with longboard so I tried snowboard

    I underestimated snowboarding

  5. I’ve never even seen snow in my life

  6. Skateboarding is definitely more difficult but super rewarding as theres so many tricks to learn plus you can skate anywhere anytime snowboarding is more of a cool feeling and a seasonal thing unless u have alot of money to travel and chase the winter but such a rad feeling. I feel alot safer on a snowboard because you cant roll your ankles on a snowboard.

  7. Isn't skating snowboarding but less awesome?

  8. I am a year into snowboarding, and just watching you Snowboard makes me feel wildly inadequate….

  9. The footage didn't do skateboarding justice

  10. both are fun. skating takes way more practice and hurts more when you fall. snowboarding is super easy to progress at and falling doesnt hurt as much. only downside is you cant bail like on a skateboard

  11. Hey guys, i really like ur snowboardclips what is ur location? Looking insane with these mountains😍⛰️
    I live in germany in a part full of towns so i cant try snowbaording :/ i skate now since 6 years and i love it but its a dream since im a child to try out snowboarding 🙂

  12. Mall grab

  13. If im not gud at skatebourding will i not be gud at snowbourding

  14. Sandra Tadeo Landa

    Snowboard is better

  15. Nice skis!!!!!!!!!! 0:47

  16. Grant Steigerwald

    Snowboarding is litttter

  17. Got to love sidewalk surfing

  18. Dominick Gonzalez

    I don't see what's hard about snowboarding I mean it actually looks easy and fun


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