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US Soccer Assistant Referee Signals

US Soccer-produced video on assistant referee signal technique

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  1. Barnabus Shortbottem

    I think I fell asleep

  2. The primary task of the assistant referee is to provide assistance to the referee lol

  3. i’m a 15 year old and this helped my anxiety for my first game so thank you so much 🥴

  4. needed this, i'm doing my first game tomorrow

  5. 6:57 I was not told that in my classes

  6. Enrique Lizarraga

    Awesome video

  7. Watching this on the way to a game I’m sooo responsible 😂😂

    Update after the game I didn’t fail miserably I did fail a little bit but not miserably 😂👍

  8. Maximus Manattini

    I love this

  9. Wasn’t the indication for a penalty to run to the corner flag and place the flag behind your back and between the legs???

  10. Anybody tested out the Eprosoke Training Program (do a search on google)? I've heard many amazing things about this popular training program.

  11. Steve The legend

    Awesome video i have a question do referees have to go back to referee school after every season or no

  12. This helped some.

  13. Am I the only one here because I didn't pay attention in the referee class?

  14. Steve The legend

    I have a question do inhouse references have to go to reference

  15. Thx this ver y helpful

  16. This helped SOOO much

  17. I think I'm a professional ref now

  18. I'm a player and I thought the assistant ref only tells if the ball is in or out


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