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Floating a Couch Down a River

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In today’s video we’re testing to see if you can float a river on an inflatable couch without flipping over or sinking.

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20 comentarios

  1. Nobody:
    Not even a soul:
    Nate: wanna ride down a river on inflatable furniture?!

  2. If a kid saw this, he/she would go home, change clothes, and swim to sofa/couch lol

  3. takes couch surfing to a hole new level

  4. What river?

  5. With a Grain of Salt

    Of you give a nate a couch …. He will go rafting with it

  6. I have some experience canoeing and personally I think the couch is more stable

  7. Use a queen size air mattress to go down the river

  8. This looks like so much fun 😁😁😁😁

  9. When your mom tells you to go outside

  10. Bouncy house

  11. Policeman31243 ROBLOX

    “Cali is now surfing.” I would say “Cali is now couch surfing”

  12. Every Australian who has ever gone camping has used a blow up water bed to float down a river and that is a fact

  13. Documentary: in the (name of the river) lives frogs,eels, and— WHAT THE FRIDGE IS THAT!

    Person Watching: I believe there are 2 people on an inflatable couch!

  14. use flex tape to put the cutions up as walls to make floating fort

  15. I’ve totally been rafting there before!

  16. Nathan is Awesome

    you should go surfing on an inflatable surf board type thingy

  17. Now I do keep your pants on

  18. This has the feeling of two kids being left home alone for the first time.

  19. soo… how long was that river

  20. I wanna see you do this again but, have a TV on the raft & fight over control for the remote.


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