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Volkswagen Polo 2018 review – do you really need a Golf? | carwow Reviews

Volkswagen Polo 2018 review - do you really need a Golf? | carwow Reviews

The all new Volkswagen Polo has been a constant challenger towards the top of its class since it was introduced in 1975. Now in its sixth generation, it’s bigger, sturdier and more grown-up than ever. So grown-up, in fact, that it makes me wonder whether or not there’s any need to get a Golf anymore! Watch my launch review to find out if the new Polo is all the Volkswagen you’ll ever need.

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20 comentarios

  1. Don't forget that our latest Volkswagen Polo in-depth review is now live! – https://youtu.be/N-vX1MIlUKg

  2. Shame there's no 3 door any more. Looks SO much more stylish.

  3. Lovely car. Probably would take it over a Golf for urban driving. That is what the modern obsession with size leads to. Cars that were considered small and sensible like the Golf are now oversized and certainly not fit for urban and shrt trip extra urban driving.

  4. Just ordered mine. Did a test drive. Amazing car

  5. The new Polo looks so good, amazing design… I‘d love to own that car!

  6. Rita مغربية و افتخر

    Perfect 👌 it’s amazing
    Big like.

  7. You wouldn't want a Ford if you wanted automatic because it's no good. Rules out fiesta and focus for many people

  8. Almost 4 months into owning this car and so far I like it. Indeed very easy and relaxing to drive.
    Fuel consumption is good as well! I once managed to reach 50mpg on a 6 mile commute to work, that took 10 minutes. Generally it's around 40mpg for me, I try to take it easy.

  9. Well… It now looks like a golf

  10. If he's genuinely correct that this Polo has more boot space than a Focus, then I'll eat my (proverbial) hat!

  11. Why is it running at 3k rpm at 100kph?? It’s so high!

  12. Thek hai 6:11

  13. 2018 VW way better than 2020 Indian version of VW Polo

  14. Any other Americans here looking at cool Euro cars we can't have? 🙁

  15. Beautiful dashboard. It looks expensive.

  16. Why can’t the golf be this good ?

  17. @4Mins10Secs when you were drifting, why was the boot opener in an actuated position?

  18. Wonderful to look at but the 1 litre petrol is totally inadequate for all that weight. Once you're going it's quiet and refined… It's getting there which is hard work. The clutch is also quite vague and spongy, making smooth and precise gear changes difficult. The engine lets this car down. If you get it, make sure you get something more powerful than the lowest cost engine

  19. I bought one through Carwow for 6 months. Can say unequivocally that apart from the infotainment system its the worst car I've ever owned, The Golf mk 4 was a far better car, and probably still is.

  20. underneonloneliness2

    Where is the CD player?


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