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#83: How to Get More Sailing Experience

It’s simple: meet sailors, make friends, then offer to crew and bring good booze and snacks! I just returned from crewing on a pretty spur of the moment yacht delivery on a Leopard 48 and I can’t wait to share the footage, lessons learned and boat tour with you, but But, the last time I was in the Gulf prior to that trip was when my good friend Captain Ryan took Phillip and I and a handful of friends and Patrons out for a day sail in the Gulf on the gallant s/v Libra. We had a great time taking a break from work, boat projects and Cuba prep (only 42 days to go!) and enjoying the beautiful blue waters we have right in our backyard in Pensacola. Thank Captain Ryan for making this fun footage possible by checking out his offshore passages at www.SailLibra.com. Then join a trip on Libra yourself and come have turkey tacos with me in Mexico for Thanksgiving or join us for New Years in Havana! There’s still room! Jump on it voyages@havewindwilltravel.com!
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  1. Phil Christensen

    When are you and Phillip coming to visit us again. Life ain't just sailing! Will be there this weekend for Blue at McCray we hope.

  2. Capt Chef Mark SV Alcina

    Hi Annie, great vlog as always. What no harness for going up the mast ???Any way Your  Podcast the other day was well what can I say , a real eye opener. you say  it all and you don't hold back about what you went through.  http://59-north.com/onthewindpodcast/2016/10/25/166-annie-dike  When I wanted to sail on yachts that is bigger ones , I wrote a letter (Yes a letter in those days )to every yacht club around my area and you should see the amount of calls I got.

  3. That is such a nice boat!

  4. That looked like a great sail with a beautiful yacht. Wonder if he would do a straight up trade for a house, SUV, sports car, and two motorcycles? LOL

  5. You have yet to put out a video that didn't make me want to get on the water immediately!! keep up the great videos, cant get enough!

  6. Also… Show up in your usual bikinis & you can crew for me ANY time…

    (Yah… I know… that was crude. 🙂

  7. 10 knots is cooking in a 60 footer! looked like a blast? nice job on the horn Annie! maybe install one on your boat? lol

  8. cool 🙂 ♪♫♪♫♫♫♪

  9. lowell mccormick

    My suggestion for gaining experience is to find out when the local weeknight races are held.  I've heard them referred to as Beer Can Races.  In New Orleans, they are held every Wed. night starting just after the spring time change and ending at the fall time change.  1st start at 7pm.  Bring your foul weather gear and walk the dock.  Ask if someone needs more crew.  As you get rides, you gain experience and start getting calls to crew.   If you have no experience, no problem.  Some large boats need lots of rail meat and deck poodles for sitting on the high side for extra ballast.  And some folks in small boast have problems finding crew and will take anybody just to have some extra hands.

  10. wow awesome,10 knots at one point ,nothing like big boat sailing .I was deckhand/first mate on a 60 foot gaff rigged schooner.hardest job I ever loved.fair winds ,,paul

  11. Excellent video!

  12. Pretty cool, to catch the dolphin jumping at the 8:00 minute mark, I wonder how many will notice it..

  13. Looks like so much fun! great video


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