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#6 Kentucky vs Florida Highlights 2020 College Basketball

#6 Kentucky vs Florida Highlights 2020 College Basketball

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  1. Kentucky seemed like the team with better players .. Just the better team

  2. Nick Richards final half of basketball at UK was nothing short of magnificent.

  3. Omar Payne was wide open TWICE during the last minute of that last game against Kentucky and TWICE Andrew didn't drop it off to him. Would've been the easiest baskets IF ONLY. Why didn't he just lay it off to Omar??? Ridiculous. (neither of those clips are even shown on this highlight reel.)

  4. Last game of the year??

  5. See ya later Alligator!!!

  6. Do Tre Mann Play??

  7. to not have Hagans and to be 18 down late in the second half and come back and win does show some character

  8. The look 💝

  9. You don't win natl. titles with just iso and one-on-one play. Cal is a ridiculous coach with some of his teams.

  10. Juzan & Sestina outscored 5 UF bench players 19-18. Juzang finally coming up big.

  11. We need Hagans back for sure. SEC tournament and NCAA tournament

  12. Go dawgs

  13. I am convinced there is no real coaching in todays college basketball. It's a shame college basketball has come to this

  14. This felt like a tournament game for sure. March is wild.

  15. 3:02 😂😭🐊 dude in the background

  16. As a basketball fan it was fun watching UK figure out a way to win without guards. They really showed how skilled they are. There should be a few good NBA players off of this roster as well.

    As a Florida fan I was at least hoping this year would be fun. Mike White calls good sets all game, then can't draw them up at the end. We need to realize how lucky we were with Billy D. We may have good tourney runs in the future but we will never have a consistent run year after year like we did with Donovan. Either way Mike White probably won't be fired, but I'd love to see what another coach could do.

  17. Let’s go my wildcats 🐯🐯

  18. Matthew Ryan Beasley

    WOW what a game! Both teams played amazingly!! Go big Blue!!!


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