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Baseball Highlights: 2045 Review – with Tom Vasel

Baseball Highlights: 2045 Review - with Tom Vasel

Tom Vasel takes a look at this game about baseball – in the future!

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  1. Daniel Gallagher

    This looks as fun as watching paint dry.

  2. As far as baseball board games go, I think this is a good step in the right direction, but I don't think there's enough interaction between the two sides. its almost as if each team is playing their own solitaire game of who can score the most points, and then comparing scores at the end.

  3. Raúl Fernández

    Love this game!!!

  4. Yeah San Francisco can’t possibly be a good team considering they’ve won 3 World Series in 5 years.🤦🏽‍♂️

    Tom! You don’t know diddly about baseball!

  5. One of my absolute favorite video games was Super Baseball 2020 on SNES. It had men, women and robots. It was fantastic. You even had the ability to steal homeruns using a super jump at the edge of the fence. You earned money throughout the game and could buy power ups. This game looks interesting as a deck builder as well. 🙂

  6. "I know what you're thinking. why didn't they pick good teams?" What are you talking about, lol, New York and Boston are the best two baseball franchises in history.

  7. A player's speed does not matter if they are batting. So the batter, with fast speed, that hit the double only advances 2 bases. Speed only matters if you are already on base.

  8. Jean-Christophe Rioux

    Can someone Tell me Who is the distributor for this game, because i want to recommend it to a nearby store. thanks

  9. N. Eric Phillips

    I is now 2016 and it is funny, three of those teams, San Fran, LA, and Boston, are in the post season. LOL

  10. At 4:22, doesn't the slow runner impede the fast runner's progress?

  11. I swear if the designer makes a series out of this as he with mystert rummy, I'll go crazy if he makes a basketball themed game.

  12. So I'm confused Tom is this a 2 player game or a 4 players game or 2 groups of 2 simultaneously with no interactions between the two groups?

  13. And who's on first?

  14. As a person who has rather great interest in baseball but whose knowledge of said sport is limited to the Goofy short "How to play baseball", do you think this game is playable even if you don't know pretty much anything about the rules and terminology of baseball?

  15. David Curtis Watts

    Wow, almost as exciting as cricket.

  16. Olivier Lamarche

    cool to see the bot almost won playing randomly

  17. This game looks very promising. Thanks to Tom's review, I will be keeping my eye out for this one. The review of a baseball game brought back memories of my favourite: Avalon Hill's old Baseball Strategy… which never did get the love it deserved. A single game using ace starting pitchers and ace relievers rapidly got stale… but a series in which you needed to set up a rotation (losing "pitch columns" in the process) and worry about tiring arms and injuries… really put you in the shoes of a manager… great fun!

  18. I don't like baseball and apparently I don't like slot machines playing baseball. 

  19. Tom is a Jays fan 😉

  20. After Further Review With Steve Tower

    Glad to see sports game getting some attention on the Tower.  Hopefully this game opens up the world of sports board games to the general public.  There are so many great baseball games out there, it's just that they are from (relatively) smaller companies.


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