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Yonex Duora 77 Badminton Racket Review – TESTED!

Yonex Duora 77 Badminton racket court testing review. Remember we offer straight facts from our testing such as smash speed in kph and racket head airspeed in kph. The control test is scored based on whether the shuttle lands in the green bucket or grey bucket. The results for this racket and the other 500+ rackets we have tested will be published in our main site due for release in a few months, for the time being please register for updates www.badmintonracketreview.co.uk.
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  1. Duora 77 or arcsaber 7 !?

  2. I want to buy a cheap racket with light weight and high tension upto 30 lbs

  3. edricfinn leonardi

    Hey! which would you recommend? the Duora 77 or astrox 69?

  4. What do you do with the racket after reviewing it??

  5. Which is better voltric 8e tune or duora 77…plz. answer

  6. Please do a duora 33 review.

  7. I'm using 1DG smashes r good but it is heavy bat and not able to play backhand , please suggest 2,3 rackets of 4U or 3U category for better control, backhand and smashes play around 4000₹ to 5000₹ price, i mostly play attacking.

  8. Hi, can you please suggest me some good even balanced racquets and what the ideal flex in rackets for me. I play singles and doubles amateur 2-3 times a week.

  9. duora 77 or astrox 9…pls tell for singles player

  10. What is difference between dura 77 lcw and dura 77

  11. which is the gretest bat under 5000 rs


    Duora 33 or muscle power 29 light in terms of overall performance (control, clears, smashes)?

  13. does it better than astrox 9


    Hello Team,

    How do you compare Duora 77 and Duora 77 LCW edition? Do you think that paying extra bucks for LCW edition is worth?

  15. New Malwa Pesticides Store

    Which racquet is better yonex voltric 8 e tune or yonex duora 77 for singles

  16. Aditya Kumar Singh

    If we compare it with voltric 10dg then which is better

  17. Aditya Kumar Singh

    Hey can you suggest me between nanoray 100sh and duora 77? Please

  18. I play doubles and sometimes singles, im choosing between d77,d88, voltric 5 or 7, which is better to use? Thanks

  19. How to hold the racket


    I want to buy a racquet but I don't know which racquet should I buy between dura 55 and dura 77..?? Please help me ..


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