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Goalrilla Basketball Yard Guard Net System

The Goalrilla Yard Guard is a defensive net system that installs on your Goalrilla Goal and keeps ball from bouncing out of the court. The Yard Guard protects your lawn and landscaping, allows players to have more efficient practice, and acts as a safety feature. This innovative accessory is built to last and will change the way you play basketball. The Goalrilla Yard Guard adds safety to your basketball system by keeping balls in the court, so players don’t have to chase after them into the street.

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  1. I dont even need that

  2. Can you still put the goalrilla light system in with the yard guard as well?

  3. Our street is very busy and my son and his friends were constantly chasing errant basketballs onto the street. We put this system onto our old basketball system and it works awesome! You can get this item at Athletic Stuff with free shipping at a great price. ( It was about $30.00 cheaper than Amazon was selling it.) https://www.athleticstuff.com/basketball-yard-guard-net-system/

  4. Bro even when I make a shot it hits the crack of the cement and flys down my yard…and I have too run up a hill just to get back uo

  5. Hit or miss I guess they always miss huh

  6. Yard guard… for the players who suck

  7. Our street is to the left of the goal. So, having a net behind the goal doesn't help us. I'd like somemthing that will stop it from going left.

  8. But I don't miss

  9. Yeah and what happens when you have to shoot from the side

  10. What about dunks..does this goal withstand dunks??

  11. There thrash

  12. Or, just shoot better

  13. Or you can just hit the net

  14. Its Skriixy fan 7

    Or just stop AIR BALLING

  15. Looking really flimsy

  16. They put white kids cuz they cant hoop

  17. Most NBA legends couldn’t even afford this

  18. If you wanna get better, going and getting the ball is a punishment, if you dont want to get the ball, work on consistently being on target. Its called motivation

  19. They are missing on purpose people chill out😂


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