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5 Tips for Playing Golf on a Budget

Depending on where and when you play, green fees on a respectable course can cost anywhere from to 0 dollars. Some of the most expensive courses can run as high as 0 dollars to play. BNET correspondent Sumi Das talks ...

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Tiger Woods Masters Yips

Somax (http://www.somaxsports.com ) has found that Tiger Woods is fighting centrifugal force with his driver. Great golfers who did this in the past– such as Sam Snead, Ben Hogan and Lee Trevino– all found their careers ended by the yips. ...

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Medimeisterschaften Göttingen 2018 – GÖLF CLUB

Mit diesem gezielten Abschlag präsentieren wir Euch das Medimeisterschaften-Fanvideo 2018 aus dem Gölf Club: Als Aperitif, einen kleinen Einblick in unseren hochkarätigen Lifestyle. Wir freuen uns diesen auf den Medis mit Euch zu teilen und #nurliebe zu zelebrieren. Trotz goldener ...

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Golf Country | Volkswagen

In 1990 the Volkswagen Golf Country promised real off-road driving fun with rugged design, big ground clearance and of course all-wheel drive. And the Golf Country was ahead of its time, because with the compact SUV, Volkswagen entered uncharted territory ...

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